When I was 7 years old, my dad left his job repairing electrical systems at the bank to join the police academy. At the time, he was 34 years old with a wife and two young boys to support - not typically the best time for a career change, but he heard the call to serve as all officers do. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be people in need, and there’s job security in that. But as the old joke goes, ‘there are easier ways to help people - you could always be a firefighter.’

A police officer needs to be capable of extreme kindness when counseling people on their toughest days, and at times, be capable of extreme violence in an act of protection. This dichotomy takes a special sort of individual. I did not get to see ‘Officer Maddock’ at work in every situation, but if ‘the officer’ was anything like the dad he was, it was a great fit.

I knew him as a relatively stoic man with a quick wit. Slow to anger and eager to have a good time with friends and family, he was a calming presence in the household. Yet, if my brother or I were in danger or threatened, he acted with such speed and precision we knew there was nothing he couldn’t protect us from.

In the fall of 2010, he passed away from a heart attack while on a hunting trip. The outpouring of love and support from the Arnold Police Department, the community, and the local businesses are the primary reasons I chose to call Arnold home – where I chose to raise my family – where I wanted to get involved, give back, and pass along that love and support.

This Memorial Scholarship is to continue the legacy of Officer Dan Maddock’s work for the community. We believe in the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Academy’s approach to developing strong, capable officers.

-Joe Maddock

About the Scholarship

The Officer Daniel J. Maddock Memorial Law Enforcement Academy Scholarship for Jefferson County will be a $1,000 scholarship for tuition, books, fees, and supplies. The scholarship will be used for recruits as funds are available at irregular intervals since the JCLEA schedule offers a variety of class schedules. 

Candidates for the scholarship will be selected by JCLEA leadership and approved by the Memorial Scholarship Team. Special emphasis will be given to recruits who have not yet received a department or agency sponsorship. The scholarship application will be processed through the Jefferson College Foundation.

If a good, capable leader hears the call to serve, we cannot allow the costs of a good development program to keep them from their dreams!

Our Pledge

One of the core principles of our company is supporting and developing our community. This scholarship was designed to help in one of the foundations of a community, public safety.

Because of this belief, Maddock Insurance Group is pledging to donate $1 per year in honor of each individual with a health policy through our company. (This donation will be made whether you have an individual policy, are an employee of a company with a policy, or are on a consultation/alternative plan strategy.)

In addition, for every 500 members, we are going to provide a 10X Bonus Donation! That is a $5,000 donation to the Scholarship Fund!

How YOU can help!

There are 3 ways you and your friends can help support this Fund:

This is a great opportunity for us as a community to come together to support law enforcement. What better way is there to show a new academy recruit that the community he or she is about to risk their life for cares? Imagine making one of the biggest decisions of your life and the response is an outpouring of financial support to help you get started. It's a gift of gratitude and hope for a bright future. As a small business, we love to receive referrals because it means someone trusts we are going to take care - someone is putting their name on the line to suggest us. That is the same sort of love we can give to the new recruit. 'We trust you are going to take care of us. We are willing to donate to help support you because we believe in you.' That's a powerful message!

To donate, you can scan the QR Code or click HERE to be redirected to the Jefferson College Foundation's secure portal. 

Share this page on your social media or send it directly to a friend. There are so many great ways to help your community. It just takes knowing what's out there and how you can support. By spreading the word, you are allowing your friends to come together for a great cause!

It is only with your willingness to work with us that we can support this scholarship. 

Because of our pledge, when you choose to use us or refer a friend who becomes a client, you are helping to support the cause. We love to work with people who support Law Enforcement. If you know someone with insurance needs who has family in law enforcement or maybe a business owner who regularly sponsors and donates to similar causes, consider telling them about us.

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