Employee Benefits

Health Insurance

It is believed Albert Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." This quote captures the current state of healthcare in the US. Despite rising costs and a lack of understanding of what qualifies as quality of care, companies continue to renew their healthcare policies year after year without pushing back against the increasing premiums or the confusion of healthCARE. Perhaps an even better highlight of the similarities; there is no actual evidence Albert Einstein was the one who created this well-known one-liner. You see, our issue may just be our fundamental "understanding" to begin with.  

Healthcare is one of the largest expenses for companies, yet most executives fail to manage it as efficiently as other budget items. They simply accept the annual premium increases without questioning them, happy that they are "only 7% this year." Even when companies switch insurers, the so-called "discounts" offered are just small reductions of already inflated prices, and companies are sold on the idea of "savings" without realizing they are still spending more than in the past year. The issue of "Compounding Costs" carries a lot of weight and as Einstein said, “Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” (Except despite everyone knowing he did, there is no evidence he ever said that one either)

So what is the reason for this apparent complacency amongst our business leaders?? Is it that companies feel comfortable being backed by big insurance agencies and big hospital systems? Bigger means better, right?! The best option is not always the one that looks good on paper or in our long-standing belief systems. There are smarter, less expensive options that can offer higher-quality care. Healthcare advisors can help companies analyze insurance financial reports, identify opportunities for savings, negotiate better plans, and guide them in making the move to a better option.

Companies do not have to accept the status quo anymore. With the right information and a clear understanding of their options, companies can gain control over their healthcare costs while ensuring their employees receive higher-quality care. It's time to break the cycle of insanity and embrace a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

Other Benefits

Employee benefits today is more than health insurance. American employment numbers show employers are no longer driving the decisions. There are more opportunities than employees willing to fill the roles and we are all feeling it.

The list of options can be overwhelming:

to name "a few".

A dispersive prism is an optical prism used to disperse light, separating it into its spectral components (it turns a white light into a rainbow). The PRISM is able to do this because light changes speed as it moves through the triangular shape. It is our responsibility to ensure each piece of a smart employee benefits package can be seen and appreciated by business owners, executives, HR professionals, and, most importantly, the people you designed the package for to begin with, the employees!